(BL) OR-300: Operational Resilience Implementer

[BL-OR] [3] What is BL-OR-3 Course?In view of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and as we enter the endemic stage, BCM Institute will continue to conduct its course online.

  • Want to know more about OR and the components to implement your  OR programme? These includes:
    • Understand fundalmentals of Operational Resilience (OR)
    • Update on Regulatory Positions
    • Build an Operational Resilience Programme
    • Recognize and analyze types of operational disruptions
    • Identify important business services
    • Set appropriate impact tolerances for important business services
    • Map operational resilience across organisation
    • Perform scenario testing
  • Seek OR Certified Planner (ORCP) /Specialist (ORCS) professional certification on completion of course and assignments?
  • Achieve both without leaving your country


  • Module 1:
    • Can be attended as BL-OR-200
    • It will be conducted as a two (2) 3-hour compulsory sessions of a Facilitated Online Workshop (with an Examination at the end of each session)
    • Successful completion of this course and passing the ORCP examination  will lead you to the award of the OR Certified Planner or ORCP.
  • Module 2:
    • Once you have completed Module 1, when you continue Module 2 to complete BL-OR-3
    • Module 2 is another two (2) 3-hour compulsory sessions of a Facilitated Online Workshop (with ORCS Examination at the end of this session)
  • Note that the rest of the learning activities are self-paced and offline.