(BL) CC-5000: Crisis Communication Expert Implementer [Blended Learning]

[BL-CC-5] What is a CC-5000 Blended Learning Course?In view of the COVID-19 Outbreak, BCM Institute has responded to conducted its course online.

  • Want to learn to implement and/or manage your own CC plan and program?
  • Want to preview the most comprehensive set of crises and learn to manage a CC program?
  • CCCE Crisis Communication Certified Expert CertificationBe accredited with the CC Certified Specialist (CCCS)/ Expert (CCCE) professional certification
  • Achieve both without leaving your country due to the current pandemic outbreak



  1. CCCP Crisis Communication Certified Planner CertificationOne (1) CC E-Learning Course
    • On successful completion of the e-Learning and passing the exam, you will be awarded the Crisis Communication Certified Planner of CCCP certification.
  2. Four (4) 3-hour compulsory sessions of a Facilitated Online Workshop (with Assessments at the end of each session)
  3. Practicum included:
    • Be grounded on the CC concepts and best practices
    • Identify of crisis communication scenario (supporting the crisis management effort) relating to your organisation and location
    • Review and implement crisis communication strategies to handle the various types and stages of a crisis
    • Develop a crisis communication plan based on your crisis scenario
    • Integrate CC effort into crisis management 
    • Operate within the command centre
    • Design and implement intermediate and advanced CC level exercises
    • Build your organisation level CC exercising, training and awareness program
  4. Note that the rest of the learning activities are self-paced and offline.