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IC_More_CM_WhatIsCrsisBefore we start, if you find that there is not much difference between your understanding of crisis management and business continuity management, it is worth reading "Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management: Why Is It Often Confused?"  If it is clear, let's start the discussion on crisis management as your assigned roles and responsibilities.

As the content of this page may be lengthy to the experienced, do select to read the relevant topics from the "Table of Contents".

Start By Speaking the Same Language?

One of the critical step for the crisis management journey is to “speak the same lingo.”  Hence, it is important that an organization establish its definition of a “crisis” and the many terms that is used during the implementation and management of this crisis management (CM) program.  As part of BCM Institute's overall training syllabus, the content for CM to BCM will ensure consistency and alignment to both discipline.

What is A Crisis?

BCM Institute BCMpedia Crisis Management.jpgThe crisis is defined as a significant business disruption that stimulates extensive news media coverage. The resulting public scrutiny will affect the organization’s normal operations and also could have a political, legal, financial and governmental impact on its business.

Where Do I Start?

If you are starting from a "blank page" and is about to start its crisis management journey.  What should be the steps that you should be undertaking. 

  • What are the definition of crisis management to the organisation that I am working for? This goes back to the previous discussion.
  • Do you have an existing crisis management framework and policy?
  • Is there an existing set of crisis management plan?
  • Is there a CM planning methodology to implement new CM plan (Crisis scenario) and to sustain the CM initiatives with my organisation?
  • Do you know who should be members of your crisis management team?

How Do I Start?

The appointed person should start by gathering information from articles, case studies and analyses of recent crises affecting organizations both inside and outside of your industry. The key is to identify best-practice recommendations and any common pitfalls.

Read some of the crisis management articles that is available of our LinkedIn Showcase (Crisis Management).600x600bf.jpg

What Type of Training Can I Attend?

Globally while you are at your home location, there are related courses on crisis management.  If you find it useful, you may want to take a look at the BCM Institute's series of specialized crisis management courses.  The quick question is do I have the necessary skill set and know-how to do this job? What do I "not know"?

2Phase[CM5000]The institute has both competency-based and those leading to professional certifications.  The question you often asked "Is This Crisis Management Course You Are Looking For?"

CM-300_Cover_3D (1).pngIf you are at the start stage CM journey and either cannot commit the time, resources or budgetary approval, the first instalment of your CM journey starts with the attendance of the intermediate CM course [Code code: CM-300]. It starts with your "Learning To Implement Your Crisis Management Plan?".



If you would like to go straight to the advanced level CM course [Code code: CM-5000], proceed to read "Attend The Most Comprehensive Crisis Management Expert Level Course".



Meanwhile, if you have already completed our intermediate course [Code code: CM-300], you will be asking, "Am I Ready to Attend the CM-400: Crisis Management Manager Course? [Code code: CM-400]


Course Content Links to BCM Institute Website With Pricing

For convenient to the reader, this are quick links to the respective crisis management courses found in the BCM Institute's website.  The pricing is in Singapore dollar (SGD).

Note: For the latest course schedule, go to the respective [Course Description] and click [Course Schedule]

Given the COVID-19 outbreak and the return to normal in 2023, most courses are available both "onsite" or "Hybrid" and online or "Blended Learning."   Note that Hybrid is 50% online and 50% onsite.  It means Module 1 and 2 is online and Module 3 and 4 (or Day 3 and Day 4) is onsite.

What is the Competency Needed to Manage a CM Program?


For those who are experience and are seeking to progress in your career, it is timely that you review and develop your learning road map that will accelerate both your knowledge, skill set and most important, your career.

Here are some of the related courses to be considered.  Take stock by reviewing "What is My BCM Competency Level?".  It is essential for you to know where you are "Know-Do-Manage"and where you aspire to reach or is required by the current CM role.

What Are the Crisis Management Certification Offered?

Crisis management Certification provides you with the necessary verification that you know and also the necessary experience to implement or manage the crisis management program.

The three levels of certification are shown below.  The types of crisis management certification include Crisis Management Certified Planner (CMCP), Crisis Management Certified Specialist (CMCS) and Crisis Management Certified Expert (CMCE).

CMCP Crisis Management Certified Planner CertificationCMCS Crisis Management Certified Specialist certification CMCE Crisis Management Certified Expert certification

To elaborate on the requirement to attain your crisis management certification, you can find more information at "How to Obtain Your Crisis Management Certification?"

3D A Manager's Guide to Implement Your Crisis Management Plan.pngBCM institute has published a specialized CM book called "A Manager’s Guide to Implementing Your Crisis Management Plan."  You may want to get a  copy of this book from the BCM Institute's store.

This book will provide an overview on how a crisis management (CM) framework is developed, how it relates to business continuity management, how to categorize, analyze and assess the different types of crises and how to identify, prioritize and implement crisis strategy. Readers will be taught on how crisis management teams are established and the implementation of alternative responses and procedures to a crisis. ISBN: 978-981-07-4836-4.  

Other Useful References

A list of the other references can be found in "What Are BCM References That Is Useful?"

Are you a Singaporean/Singapore PRs? There are 2 types of funding available for you.

CITREP+ funding for Certification Courses

CITREP_What is CM-5000Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) can now enjoy CITREP+ funding for CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer course. With this funding, you can get up to 70% re-imbursement from Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

What Funding Is Available for Attending the Advanced Level CM Certification Course [CM-5000]?

WSQ funding for Competency Courses

WSQ.pngsingapore_flagDo take note that Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) can opt to attend BCM Institute's competency-based training and can seek funding from the government when attending crisis management courses in Singapore. BCM Institute is an Authorized Training Centre (ATO), and the crisis management training program is developed in collaboration with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

HRD Corp funding for Certification Courses for Malaysians

Our training program is HRD Corp Claimable. For companies contributing to HRD, you may utilize your development fund for nomination into our specialist and expert-level programs.

Claim up to 100% of the training costs from your company's HRD Corp levy contributions. You essentially pay RM0 and get to utilise your levy (up to RM1,300 per pax/ per day).

New call-to-actionMalaysia FlagPlease be informed that Malaysians can also opt to attend BCM Institute's competency-based training and can seek funding from the Malaysian government via the Human Resource Development Corporation.


Is There A Good Reference Guide?


New call-to-actionIt is good to know the differences between BCM Institute's certification courses versus competency-based training by reading  "What is Certification and Competency-based Courses?"

New call-to-actionWhat are the specific courses offered as part of competency-based crisis management:

  • CM-360 Implementing Crisis Management Plan
  • New call-to-actionCM-460 Managing and Executing Crisis Management Plan
  • CM-420 Initiating the CM Program (Click icons - the book covers - to read more about the courses)


You can view this "Comparison Between BCM Intermediate Level Competency and Certification Courses" as an example.

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