Starting Your IT DR Journey ...

Congratulations if you are reading this blog - I supposed you are an Information Technology (IT) professional, either appointed to manage or be part of the team implementing and maintaining the IT Disaster Recovery (IT DR) Program. 

New call-to-actionBe it full-time or part time appointment, it is good to have an understanding on what aspect of the knowledge, the skill set and the challenges that is needed to do a good job? Be armed with the necessary knowledge to manage a cybersecurity incident and also cloud security from an IT resilience and recovery perspective.

As this page can be pretty long, do select to read the relevant topics from the "Table of Contents" found on the left column of this page. 

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Let's Start by Speaking the Same Language ...

If you are embarking on your IT DR journey and is starting from a "blank page", what should be the steps that you should be undertaking.  Alternatively, you may be "inheriting" an existing IT DR project from your predecessor.
  • Do you have an existing IT DR framework and policy? Is IT DR part of your IT Policy? IT Security Policy? You may find some of these terms in this IT DR Glossary.
  • Do you know who should be members of your IT DR team?
  • What is your roles in cyber security incidents? Start with the Cyber Security Glossary.

One of the critical steps for the IT DR journey is to “speak the same lingo.”  Hence, it is important that an organization establish its definition of a “disaster” when embarking on IT DR and the many terms that are used during the implementation and management of this IT DR program.  In our context, the alignment and correct understanding of each IT DR terminology are critical.

What Is A Disaster?

BCM_Institute_BCMpedia_Disaster_Recovery.jpgA Disaster is a sudden unplanned event that causes great damage or serious loss to an organization. It results in an organization failing to provide critical business functions for some predetermined minimum period of time.

In the context of an IT Disaster, it denies organization access to "IT" people, "IT" processes and "IT" infrastructure.

  • What Are the Key Terminology You Need to Know for Business Continuity Management (BCM) and IT Disaster Recovery (DR)?  Starting with "Six Key Terms Synonymous to "Disruption" You Need to Know for BCM?"  These terms apply to IT DR too especially when it disrupts the IT systems and infrastructure.
  • What Exactly is IT Disaster Recovery?
  • What Are the Key Terminology You Need to Know for IT Disaster Recovery (IT DR)?  Find out what is  "BCMPedia: IT Disaster Recovery"? Our Wikipedia on IT DR.

There are several important concepts that professionals will need to know.  It includes:

  • Deployment of cloud strategy
  • Appropriate selection of backup and duplication strategies
  • Data protection strategies
  • Raising awareness and gaining management support

Useful IT DR Readings

It would be useful for you as the appointed IT DR person to start by gathering information from articles, case studies and analyzes of recent IT crises or disaster affecting organization's IT system and infrastructure both inside and external to your industry. The key is to identify best-practice recommendations and any common pitfalls.

Read some of the IT DR articles that is available of our LinkedIn Showcase (IT Disaster Recovery).600x600bf.jpg

How Do I Start?

Globally or wherever is your home location, these IT DR training (with professional certification) can be made available if you would like your team to be trained (in-house) via online videoconferencing training supported by toolkits and tutorials.

If you have the need for IT DR competency training, you may want to take a look at the BCM Institute's series of specialized IT DR courses (See the three previewed courses below).  The quick question is "Do I have the necessary skillset and know-how to do this job?" "What do I not know"? or "How Do I Start My IT DR Learning Journey?"

The key focus of the course is to adopt a comprehensive training on how to assess, analyse, develop, implement, test, and maintain an IT Disaster Recovery Plan for both building resilience and to resume and recover your IT and telecommunications systems and infrastructure in the event of a disaster or business disruption. The training provides a step-by-step planning methodology to ensure a reliable and effective IT disaster recovery plan consistent with the industry's standards and best practices.

The institute has competency-based training leading to IT DR professional certification.  You may want to review the following IT DR training courses (with professional certification) to determine and upgrade the relevancy to your roles and knowledge?


What Type of Training Should I Attend?

2Phase BL-DR-5 DRP-5000DRP-5000 3D Cover

IT DR Expert Implementer

[Course Code: DRP-5000] Do you need to fast track the learning process?  If you would like to have the most comprehensive set of IT DR knowledge, you may want to read "Fast Track Your IT Disaster Recovery Learning by Attending the Advanced Level DRP-5000: IT DR Expert implementer Course."

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All courses are available on online facilitated learning or Blended Learning.

IT DR Manager


[Course Code: DRP-400] Meanwhile, if you have time constraint, you can decide to complete your DRP-5000 course into two stages.  Firstly, you should have already completed our intermediate course (DRP-300), you can plan to complete the advanced level training to finish the second half of the DRP-5000, if you asking yourself on how you can complete the final stage, read the "Next Module to Complete Your Advanced Level IT Disaster Recovery (400 Level) Training"

IT DR Implementer

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[Course Code: DRP-300] If you have the time and budget, BCM Institute would highly recommend that you attend the intermediate level course (as it encompasses the above IT DR Planner course) if you are already part of the IT DR project or program team.  Read more to "Attend the Intermediate Level IT Disaster Recovery Implementer Course"

DRP-200 3D Cover

IT DR Planner

[Course Code: DRP-200] If you starting to learn about IT DR and should start with the "

Foundation Level Training for IT Disaster Recovery".  You just wanted to have the theoretical IT DR fundamentals.  This course is not offered as it now forms the Day 1 of the DRP-300 IT DR Implementer course.


Course Content Links to BCM Institute Website With Pricing

For convenience to the reader, these is quick links to the respective IT DR planning courses found on the BCM Institute's website.  The pricing is in Singapore dollars (SGD).  If you need more documentation, download the brochure by clicking the [Course Description] button below.

Note: For the latest course schedule, go to the respective [Course Description] and click [Course Schedule]


What is the Competency Needed to Implement and Manage a IT DR Program?

Competency_Roadmap.pngFor those who are experience and are seeking to progress in your career, it is timely that you review and develop your own learning road map that will accelerate both your knowledge, skill set and most important, your career.

If you are an IT professionals or assigned with the IT DR role, the institute recommends that you should try to gain as much knowledge as possible before embarking on the IT DR implementation.

Here are some of the related courses to be considered.  Take stock by reviewing "What is My IT DR Competency Level?".  It is essential for you to know where you are "Know-Do-Manage"and where you aspire to reach or is required by the current IT DR role.  You may want to review the table below showing "What Types of Competency and Level of Course to Attend?"

IT DR Know Do Manage Table

What IT DR Certification Can I Achieve?

IT DR Certification provides you with the necessary verification that you have the knowledge and also the necessary experience to implement or manage the IT DR program.

The three levels of IT DR certification are as shown below.  The types of the certification include DR Certified Planner (DRCP), DR Certified Specialist (DRCS) and DR Certified Expert(DRCE).


To elaborate on the requirement to attain your certification, you can find more information on the BCM institute's IT DR Certification webpage or read more on "How to Obtain Your IT Disaster Recovery Certification?"

Is There A Good IT DR Reference Guide?

The institute has published a specialized BCM book called "A Manager’s Guide to Implementing Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan."  You may want tIT Disaster Recoveryo get a  copy of this book from the BCM Institute's store.

This book will assist you in conceptualizing and developing your IT DR plan. You will learn how to identify and evaluate IT risks, business impacts due to the risks, DR requirements and its prioritization. At the same time, it provides a structural development approach that will save time and cost in developing a cost-effective DR Plan that addresses all aspects of the business requirements for IT services. ISBN: 978-981-05-9215-8

Another specialized BCM book called "A Manager’s Guide to Business Continuity Management for Cyber Security Incident Response."  You may want to get a  copy of this book from the BCM Institute's store.

In view of the increased cyber security incident, both IT DR and BCM professionals must continue to upgrade their competency to meet these growing threats to organisational resilience. BCM for Cyber Security Incidents

This book will guide organisations to effectively manage cyber security incidents closely operating with BCM practices. Clear descriptions are provided on how the BCM team can incorporate cyber security incident response (CIR) into the BCM planning methodology processes. The book explains how cyber security incident response involves and integrates with all components within the organisation and its relation to terminologies such as crisis communication (CC), crisis management (CM) and IT disaster recovery (IT DR).

ISBN: 978-981-11-4158-4

Other Useful References

A list of the other references can be found in "What Are BCM References That Is Useful?"

How to Obtain Funding from the Singapore Government?

DRPCITREP_LinkedlnDo take note that Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) can opt to attend BCM Institute's DRP-5000 and can seek funding from the government when attending the IT disaster recovery courses in Singapore. 

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