Skillsfuture Funded Courses

singapore_flagIf you are a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident, wanting to attend professional courses with maximum subsidies/ funding from the Singapore government, do continue reading.

WSQBCM Institute is appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Singapore’s premier statutory board for holistic lifelong learning,  to offer a series of Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management (CM) and Crisis Communication (CC) courses with government funding

BCM Institute is the only Authorized Training Organisation (ATO) who is offering the complete series of BCM, CM and CC courses.

The funding are available for all Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PR).  You can either attend the WSQ courses as a self- or Company-sponsored candidate. The recent SkillsFuture Credit of SGD 500 for all Singaporean is now applicable in addition to the funding.

What are the courses available that are subsidized?

Appended below is the list of BCM Institute's courses that are recognized and subsidized by SSG.

Continue reading to know more about the WSQ course we offer.  Alternatively, you can also download our course schedule brochure and register with us once you are ready.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) Courses



These three courses are central to the core of BCM knowledge and will contribute to the core competency needed to implement any organisation's BCM plan. 

Read "What Exactly is BCM? If you want to understand the fundamentals of BCM, these are the three courses that you should register for.

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If you are 40 years of age or older, you will pay SGD 300 for each course, which comes with a Statement of Attainment awarded by SSG.

BCM Course (Implement Learning Roadmap)

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WSQ-BCM-470 Developing BCM Training and Learning Roadmap

Maintaining the competency of BCM professionals within an organisation is the most challenging due to staff turnover.

Developing and implementing a learning and training roadmap becomes the key to successfully managing the "people" aspect of sustaining a BCM program.

Crisis Management (CM) Courses

CM_WSQ_CTA-1These crisis management courses start with the implementing of the CM plan.  SkillFutureSG_CMThe CM-360 course focus on the writing of the CM plans for the various crisis scenario that pertains to your organisation. Proceeding with the CM-460 course permit you to manage the CM as a program within your organisation.  This course include the management and execution of the CM plan.

Crisis Communication (CC) Courses

CC_WSQ_CTA-1These crisis communication courses are designed and structured similarly to the crisis management courses.  SkillFutureSG_CCIt is essential to understand that CM focus on the management of the crisis and CC focuses on the management of the communication before, during and after the crisis.

How Do I Apply for the Funding?

BCM Institute will be applying the training grant for self sponsored participants after registration has been made. Go back to the type of course (BCM, CM or CC) that you are intend to undertake and click the [Funding Self Sponsored] button.

For company-sponsored participants, we will require your company  to apply for training grant in Skillsconnect before class start date. Go back to the type of course (BCM, CM or CC) that you are intend to undertake and click the [Funding Company Sponsored] button.

In-house.  If the class is conducted in-house, we will assign a staff to work with your Human Resource (or equivalent) department to register all the class participants as one exercise.

Can I Use My Skillsfuture Credit to Pay for this Course?

SkillFutureSG_CreditYes, you can.

Please click here to refer to the step-by-step guide.


Other Useful References

A list of the other references can be found in "What Are BCM References That Is Useful?"

WSQ Course Offering

Business Continuity Management
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Crisis Management

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  WSQ-CM-360 WSQ-CM-460 WSQ-CM-420
Crisis Communication New call-to-action [WSQ-CM-460] Course Overview: Executing And  Managing Crisis Management Plan


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